MORE - Masters of Real Estate

Hey Keith - Good to talk to you. You can use this page as the index and look at a number of videos linked on the sidebar.. This an example page that I would send out to someone

We are exceptional at creating new business opportunities for our associates and we are actively looking full time professionals looking to take advantage of them.

Below is a link to an overview/webinar of who we are and what makes us different in the market. And since we discussed it on the phone for clarification our cap is $9800 per year. (but we are a whole lot MORE than a great commission value). What is most important to us is that we align ourselves with real estate professionals who want to be exceptional. We are definitely not in the "numbers" game when it comes to bringing people into our organization. That is why when I hear about someone like yourself from someone like John, I take the initiative to reach out.

Anyway, here's my biz partner Dennis Norman discussing MORE.

We definitely have opportunities in your area. If you want to learn more we can talk